The Remote Commands Account

  1. I haven't received an activation email.
    Register with the same e-mail data. We will send activation email again.
    Check spam folders. Otherwise please e-mail us.
  2. Do I have to delete old commands to run the new one?
    Yes, there is a limit of stored commands with its results. You have to delete at least one command to run the new one.
  3. I have installed application and I not seeing data...
    You will see the data when the new one occurs. Application does not send data from the time before installing. Sometimes the device needs to be rebooted. Application starts automatically.
  4. There is no new data on my account
    If the phone is active - you have to wait some time to receive new data. Application sends the data in 20-minutes periods.
    The application does not send the data from the time before its installation.
  5. Do I have to pay for the account.
    No, it is free. You are limited to your account settings. But you may choose paid subscription to store more data. More in youre Account.
  6. My phone is displayed as "Inactive". Why?
    It means, that there was no data received from that phone for more than one hour. Check if the phone is switched on or if there is an Internet connection on the phone.
    Read the list of known issues with the application
  7. How to play 3GP sound file on Windows PC
    You can play 3gp file on every Android phone. On Windows PC you have to install player which supports 3gp format like VLC Player.

Using Android application

  1. Do I have to install it on the person's phone?
    Yes, if you have to track someones phone, you have to install appliaction on that phone.
  2. Is it invisible app?
    It could be as much as possible. You can choose to hide application launch icon on main window. It hides application icon from application launcher list. If there is a shortcut on the desktop, you must delete it manually. However it can be found by advanced users.
  3. How to run hidden application?
    If your application is set as hidden you can simple run it by typing 111222# and pressing call button.
  4. It is listed on "My App List" on Google Play, and shows new updates...
    You can install Remote Commands Application without using Google Play. Please read this.
  5. All commands returns timeout error...
    If your phone doesn't have internet connection or is switched off, application can't send command report. Check if the phone is switched on or if there is an Internet connection on the phone.
  6. I can't see the phone location
    Please enable "Location services" (at least "Use wireless networks") on your Phone Settings to see actual phone location.
  7. Sometimes system displays inaccurate phone location...
    When the phone is in a house or in any building it can't get data from GPS satellites. Then the location depends on GSM and Network Location Providers. Although GPS is most accurate (about 10 meters), it only works outdoors, so indoor (or without GPS) system determines user location using cell tower or Wi-Fi signal and the accurate is more then 100 or 1000 meters (depends on signal strength).
  8. Why user is not able to update/uninstall the program?
    Before uninstalling and updating the application user needs to restore displayed program icons. "hidding icon" option can not be enabled.
  9. I don't want use application to track my SMS and Call logs, but only to run remote commands.
    App Settings
    Go to application main window and press menu button. Select "Setting" and un-check unwanted function.